Tourism Performance Report January - February 2022

Dubai welcomes 2.19M overnight visitors in Jan - Feb 2022, with the highest number of international guest from Saudi Arabia at 194K.
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Tourism Performance Report Jan 2022

Posted by admin on April 10, 2022

Dubai welcomes 979.7K overnight visitors in Jan 2022, with the highest number of international guest from Saudi Arabia at 105K.

Our recent commercial enterprise performance knowledge showed that last Gregorian calendar month, #Dubai received 979.7 thousand international tourists, a growth of 116.6%, compared to Gregorian calendar month 2021, whereasthe quantity of nights (reserved rooms) reached three.04 million long nights, a growth of fourteen.7%.

The number of building rooms in urban center reached 138,611 building rooms, among 759 building institutionsand also the amount of keep of guests inflated to 5.3 building nights, compared to four.9 nights within the same amount in 2021.

The data conjointly indicated that Asian country came at the forefront of the commercialism markets for international guests to urban center through out Gregorian calendar month 2022, registering over one hundred and five thousand tourists, followed by India with concerning seventy three thousand guests.Grammar Check Re-write Again 

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