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Dubai clamping down on fake real estate adverts

Posted by admin on April 22, 2023

Dubai is  setting down on fake real estate  announcements with a new system aimed to boost property investment in the  megacity.  

The Dubai Land Department will use QR canons to  corroborate details of property on all print and audio-visual  announcements as it aims to cut down on  deceiving  announcements.  

The service, known as Madmoun, was  published by the DLD, through the Real Estate Regulatory Agency( RERA).  

Dubai real estate adverts   Accessible through the Trakheesi System, Madmoun will use QR Code technology for any real estate  announcement permit, as part of DLD’s ongoing  sweats to modernise and develop real estate governance procedures and enhance investor confidence.   Effective from April 24, all real estate companies are anticipated to feature the QR  law on their print and audio-visual  announcements.  

The  law enables  guests to  snappily and  fluently  corroborate the  announcement’s authenticity and validity,  icing that it has been approved by RERA.  

also,  guests can  pierce the Dubai Land Department website to view the complete  announcement information, including details about the advertising company, the property’s condition and specifications.  

The link can be secured to  help any  revision to the data.  

Marwan bin Ghalita, CEO of RERA at DLD, said “ The service aligns with DLD’s strategy to make Dubai ‘ The World leader in Real Estate Investments ’ by  employing technology to develop real estate products according to the directives of the wise leadership.  

“ It also supports DLD’s accreditation of achieving the  pretensions of the Dubai Economic Agenda ‘D 33, ’ which was launched by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, to  induce new  profitable value from digital  metamorphosis towards achieving His Tallness ’ vision of consolidating Dubai’s position as a global capital of the digital frugality and a  crucial player in the global digital system.

”   He added, “ We’re constantly keen on enhancing and  icing  translucency in the real estate sector.

We’ll continue to empower the real estate community with  visionary and streamlined real estate services and integrated data, grounded upon a pioneering digital  structure and  good human  configurations.  

“ This will help achieve sustainability in the development and growth of the real estate sector, keeping pace best- transnational practices and  norms and  situating Dubai as a pioneering model in this field ”. 

DLD guests can  overlook the QR  law on each real estate  announcement to get a  regard of the property’s authorised details and establish if it has been  vended or rented.  

Real estate companies can  spark the QR  law through the Trakheesi system.   RERA confirms that real estate companies must cleave to this service to  help them from being subject to any violation performing.  

As part of its  charge to enhance  mindfulness and confidence within the real estate community, DLD  explosively advises all  guests and investors to only engage with real estate  announcements that feature the QR Code to  insure the protection of their rights and  help their exposure to any fraudulent or unreliable deals.

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